High-quality yoga mats and why we chose customer co-creation as our design tool

While listening to yogis talking about their experiences with their yoga mats, you often pick up the term “high-quality yoga mat”. But what actually is a high-quality yoga mat and how does it look like? Different characteristics such as damping, size, thickness etc. are all criteria a high-quality yoga mat needs to fulfill. Slip-resistance is another commonly used term when assessing high-quality yoga mats and is often even ranked as the most important criteria. So basically, a yoga mat should not be too thick and too heavy so that you can carry it easily with you but at the same time your knees should not hurt when kneeling on your mat. Regarding the size of a yoga mat, there are again different opinions among all the yogis. Some yogis want to have a lot of space on their yoga mat, some yogis are relatively tall and therefore really need a big yoga mat and then there are yogis who rather prefer a smaller yoga mat. These two examples of customer preferences regarding thickness and size demonstrate:

The understanding of a high-quality yoga mat is quite subjective

The understanding of a high-quality yoga mat is quite subjective.
Photo Credits: Laura Michele Kniesel

Of course, this made it quite challenging and tough for us since we were trying to elaborate the main criteria of a high-quality yoga mat. But how to pursue when you have so many different opinions and criteria? We wanted to integrate all these opinions and let people share their ideas with us. So we used customer co-creation to get feedback on our prototypes and to let people and users of our product design and develop our product further with the goal of creating our sustainable and high-quality yoga mat.

Our cooperation with the JOSEPHS - an open innovation lab of the Fraunhofer Institute -

We got a great scholarship by “Bayern Kreativ” which enabled us to present our current prototypes at the JOSEPHS. People can take a break there during their shopping trip in the city and visit an innovative exhibition of products. Our hejhej-mats yoga mats are one product which you can test there. You can decide whether you only want to give a really brief evaluation or you can really test our product and give detailed feedback. A short video clip shows you some yoga poses and you can follow our instruction - on our hejhej-mats. Basically, this is market research but not the familiar online market research with filling out questionnaires but a more innovative and new kind of live market research.

People testing our high-quality yoga mats in the open innovation lab JOSEPHS.
Photo Credits: Fraunhofer IIS

The term customer co-creation is currently quite popular

We really love the idea of designing and developing a product together with the future users and we believe that customer co-creation helps us in making the best high-quality yoga mat on the market We already got some really interesting feedback regarding characteristics of our mats. We can integrate this information directly into our developing process and directly produce new prototypes fulfilling the required demand of our customers.


You can still check out our prototypes and high-quality yoga mats in the JOSEPHS in Nürnberg until the end of February. So feel free to drop by, help us design the best high-quality yoga mat on the market and be part of our sustainable developing process.


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