09 January 2018
The planet already has enough valuable resources in abundance. It is not necessary to take new natural materials, like natural rubber, to produce new products, such as yoga mats.

13 September 2017
hejhej-mats is making a contribution to the sustainable development goals of the UN. More specifically, to goal number 12. Read more about goal number 12 and how hejhej-mats contributes to achieving the goals.

Benefits of yoga for everyone
22 August 2017
The benefits of yoga are many. Yoga not only influences your body strength and flexibility positively, it is also beneficial for your mental strength. Read more about why everyone should try yoga at least once.

13 August 2017
Seeking to achieve a sustainable planet that allows future generations to live a lifestyle similar to ours right now, we need to rethink waste as a resource. The current linear “take-make-dispose” approach is reaching the physical limits of the planet. A circular economy, with closed-loop products, such as a closed-loop yoga mat, can be one solution.

04 August 2017
What actually motivates us to put all our time, money and heart into the development of a closed-loop yoga mat? We are driven by the vision of a sustainable future - but there are more factors that motivate us! We want to share our motivation with you in this blog post.



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