01 August 2018
hejhej-mats is not only about developing a yoga mat, we are aiming to become an environmental friendly and social start-up. We wanted to cooperate with a social organization for sewing the logos on top of our sustainable yoga mats. This is why we are cooperating with a workplace for people with disabilities. We want to share with you our experiences and reveal to you why this makes us so so happy.

23 June 2018
Yoga not only offers a variety of yoga styles but also various yoga poses and so many places where you can practice yoga. People are nowadays chasing through their life without resting. Yoga is just about yourself and your practice on your mat - so it is a great way of slowing life down. For us it is certainly part of our daily life and we want to share with you some of our favorite yoga poses, places and styles.

19 May 2018
The product development of hejhej-mats always had the aim to develop the best yoga amt. Now it is finished and our hejhej-mats will be launched soon. What we experienced is the most expensive sustainability criteria is to solely manufacture a product in Germany, which is why we have to raise our sales price from 119€ to 129€. However, we are happy and proud to offer you a fully sustainable yoga mat made in Germany.

07 May 2018
Emotions are mostly not perceived positively although they are so important both in our personal life as well when starting up a business. We want to show that it is good to be emotional and tell you more about our experiences during the development of our sustainable and cool yoga mat.

03 May 2018
Consumerism is part of our daily life and is even growing and growing so that there is a real overconsumption happening on our planet. hejhej-mats is not running its business in order to drive consumerism even more but just because we want to offer a sustainable and good yoga mat in Germany. All of us should ask ourselves the question of "Do you really need this product?" before making a buying decision.

23 April 2018
a successful crowdfunding campaign can also be quite tricky and it requires a lot of work. As our crowdfunding campaign helped us a lot with the further actions of our business, we would like to give you some insights on what we learned from our campaign and share with you our 5 key findings for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

15 March 2018
The amount of plastic waste on our planet is higher than ever before. All of us should start living a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to show you that some things are so easy but still so meaningful to change.

08 March 2018
Unfortunately, we have to experience ourselves that there are very little women in entrepreneurship. And the women who start their own businesses face difficulties men do not.

30 January 2018
The amount of plastic waste on our planet is steadily rising. hejhej-mats creates recycled yoga mats by using offcuts occurring in the foaming production.

23 January 2018
People always talk about high-quality yoga mats. But what actually is a high-quality yoga mat and how to design such product? hejhej-mats used an innovative tool called customer co-creation to create their own sustainable and high-quality yoga mat.

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