the hejhej-bag


hejhej is the first closed-loop yoga brand that cares for social sustainability as well. 

For the manufacturing of our products, we do barely take valuable new resources from the planet but try to make use of nutrients that already exist. 


We successfully launched the first closed-loop yoga mat on the market and are now more than happy

to introduce to you the hejhej-bag – the first closed-loop yoga mat bag which is ecological and socially sustainable.

made from recycled materials 


The textile of the bag is made from recycled PET bottles and the zipper is made from recycled fishing nets. Our textile is waterproof, super light and 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan. 


2 products in 1 


The strap of the bag can easily be removed and used during your yoga practice. During your yoga session, it gives you an ideal grip and feels particularly comfortable with the hejhej-grip.

this is the hejhej-strap made from hemp. It make the hejhej-bag two products in one!

made in Germany


The entire hejhej-bag production takes place in Germany. In cooperation with workplaces for people with a handicap, each bag is made by hand, packed and shipped in Nuremberg. The materials for your hejhej-bag are all sourced from Germany and Europe.


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We are currently taking pre-orders for the hejhej-bag. The crowdfunding campaign runs from 15.09. - 13.10. All hejhej-bags will be shipped before Christmas.

Save yourself the early bird deals on startnext. 


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