A close-up picture of the dark recycled hejhej-mat rolled up with a the hejhej-strap.

rather dark hejhej-mat

-recycled: made from pre-consumer waste


-structured surface for good slip resistance

-strap & logo are made from organic cotton and are biodegradable

-every mat is unique in its appearance and one of a kind

-logo gets sewed on top by hand from workers with a handicap 

-100% made in Germany 

-1€ of each hejhej-mat goes to the NGO Earthchild Project 

-measurements approx. 185cm x 65cm x 0,5cm

-weight approx. 2 kg 

-5 mm thick for good damping to protect your knees and spine 

129,00 €

  • 1,9 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 working days1

the first closed-loop  yoga mat

The pattern of the dark recycled hejhej-mat looks a litte bit like the universe.

A female yoga teacher sitting on the dark recycled hejhej-mat and explaining the upcoming class.
closed-up of the logo and one part of the first closed-loop yoga mat
blonde yogi girl doing a shoulder stand on the dark recycled hejhej-mat yoga mat.

characteristics of the dark closed-loop hejhej-mat


The hejhej-mat yoga mat is not only sustainable but offers you the highest quality:

  • every mat comes with a hejhej strap to hold your mat together 
  • closed cell surface does not absorb moisture - for easy clean wiping and a more hygienic yoga practice, as no sweat will soak into the mat. This extends the longevity of your mat
  • climate neutral shipping within Germany 5,95€; climate neutral shipping within the EU 15,95€
  • for hygienic reasons we can’t refund any money for used hejhej-mats

the unique pattern of the rather light hejhej-mat is very visbile with its peachy and lemon sprinkles!


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