the dark recycled hejhej-mat


Social hejhej-special: Buy one, give one. 

From the 15th of April until the 15th of May for every hejhej-mat sold we give one to our partner workplaces for people with disabilities. 


rather dark hejhej-mat

-made from pre-consumer waste


-every mat is unique in its appearance 

-measurements approx. 185cm x 65cm x 0,5cm

-weight approx. 2 kg 

-closed cell surface does not absorb moisture - for easy clean wiping and a more hygienic yoga practice, as no sweat will soak into the mat. This extends the longevity of your mat

-every mat comes with a hejhej strap to hold your mat together

-1€ of each hejhej-mat goes to the NGO Earthchild Project

-climate neutral shipping within Germany 5,99€; climate neutral shipping within the EU 15,99€

-for hygienic reasons we can’t refund any money for used hejhej-mats


129,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1


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