hejhej-mats & Fit for Fun May 2019

The founders of the sustainable start-up hejhej-mats got featured in the german fit for fun magazine.

hejhej-mats & Women's Health NL April 2019

the rather light reycled hejhej-mat yoga mat got featured in the dutch womens health magazine. It is hejhej-mats first international press feature.

hejhej-mats & Business Punk April 2019

The sustainable and recycled yoga mats got featured in the German Business Punk Magazine.

hejhej-mats & BLONDE March 2019

Women for women: Our sustainable mats got feature in the BLONDE magazine.

hejhej-mats & wohndesign magazine February 2019

Sustainable yoga mats featured in the German Press.
Recycled yoga mats are part of the german magazine WohnDesign.

hejhej-mats & VOGUE april 2018

hejhej-mats recycled yoga mats got featured in VOGUE Germany.

hejhej-mats & brand eins october 2018

the german economic journal reports about hejhej-mats in an article about the circular economy.

hejhej-mats & cosy January 2019

our recycled hejhej-mats got featured in the german cosy magazine among young innovators.


our recycled mats got mentioned in the christmas magazine of the biggest German malls.

hejhej-mats & flow november 2018

our recycled hejhej-mats got featured in the German flow magazine. A magazine about confidence and happiness!

hejhej-mats & soulsister november 2018

our recycled mats got a product feature in the german soulsister magazine. A magazine about mindfulness and conscious living.

hejhej-mats & jolie november 2018

hejhej-mats got featured in the german jolie magazine with a small interview about women in entrepreneurship

hejhej-mats & brigitte women october 2018

product feature of hejhej-mats in the brigitte women magazine

hejhej-mats & emotion october 2018

hejhej-mats got  mentioned in the german emotion magazine

hejhej-mats & hygge october 2018

a short interview with the two founders of hejehej-mats in the german hygge magazine

hejhej-mats & yoga journal september / october 2018

hejhej-mats were tested among other yoga mats in the issue of the german yoga journal. They won in the category sustainability.

hejhej-mats & maxima september 2018

hejhej-mats & happinez september 2018

hejhej-mats & brigitte august 2018

press article about sustainable start-up hejhej-mats in the german brigitte magazine for women.

hejhej-mats & yoga aktuell july 2018

article about hejhej-mats in a german yoga magazine "yoga aktuell".

hejhej-mats & cosmopolitan june 2018

german start-up hjehej-mats in cosmopolitan magazine with their successful crowdfunding campaign.

hejhej-mats & shape june 2018

article about hejhej-mats in the german shape magazine

hejhej-mats & yoga journal 2018

hejhej-mats in the german yoga journal issue 52 2018.

hejhej-mats & women's health - april 2018

hejhej-mats & slowly veggie 2018

hejhej-mats article in the german slowly veggie magazine

hejhej-mats & ma vie january - february 2018

hejhej-mats in der Printausgabe der deutsche Ma Vie.

hejhej-mats & enorm dezember / january 2017 /2018

hejhej-mats & green lifestyle january 2018

hejhej-mats in the printed version of the Green Lifestyle magazine.

hejhej-mats & green lifestyle november 2019

Our recycled mats got featured for the second time in the green lifestyle magazine.

hejhej-mats & emotion slow issue 4 of 2017

hejhej-mats got featured in the German Emotion Slow magazine.


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