blog · 06 July 2019
The mindfulness of your yoga practice can also be taken with you while traveling. We are sharing our 3 best sustainable traveling tips plus our top 7 reasons why everyone should travel outside in nature once.
blog · 31 May 2019
The story of a hejhej-mat - an ethical production of yoga mats. We want to communicate really transparent about how our hejhej-mats are produced. We consciously decided to produce in Germany in order to act as socially and ethically as possible and in order to keep the transportation ways as short as possible.

blog · 25 April 2019
Have you ever asked yourself the question: Who made my yoga mat? Our aim when founding hejhej-mats was to produce a fully sustainable yoga mat. Fully sustainable for us means taking care of people and the planet. That is why we are making use of a resource that already exists in abundance and solely produce in Germany, where we are part of every single production. That is why we can easily and proudly answer the question with: I made your yoga mat.
blog · 15 April 2019
Why we want to donate for each sold mat one mat to workplaces for people with a handicap? Why we care for social sustainability? What are these workplaces doing? We are happy to answer all of your questions in our recent blog article.

blog · 28 March 2019
As we know from ourselves but also from sustainable development the most things are not good if they are performed to excessively. Excessive consumption exploits ourselves, the people around us and the planet. So fasting is a time about reflecting yourself and your behavior. Within this period you can try to free yourself from something and make room for new things. Sustainable fasting can be away to explore such things.
blog · 23 March 2019
Who would really need a mat? Especially for homeless people blankets and mats are really helpful. We wanted to extend the product life cycle of some of our mats from the development phase and at the same time support a social initiative. That’s why we decided to donate the yoga mats to a institutions for homeless people. Homelessness is not a topic in our society, we want to give you tips of how to support and interact with homeless people.

blog · 18 February 2019
If you make a good deal it often comes to the cost of another person or our nature. Unfortunately, someone else is probably paying the price for your cheap yoga mat.
blog · 08 February 2019
There are a lot commercial festive days, Valentine's Day is one example. Especially on these days, it is important to not consume without thinking and to not support unethical companies but to show our economy and everybody out there that you care for sustainability.

blog · 09 January 2019
129€ is a lot of money. BUT we want to make you think about whether it is really a lot of money for a fully sustainable, high-quality yoga mat made in Germany? We want to encourage you to think about the products you buy and consume. Let’s all try to consume consciously and fair!
blog · 06 December 2018
Yoginis and yogis love meaningful and thoughtful presents. A lot of them are into the topic of sustainability since yoga is not only about mindfulness towards themselves but also about mindfulness towards the planet. We are sharing four of our favorite sustainable gifts for yoga in our recent blog article with you.

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