the story behind hejhej-mats

a circular movement

Our sustainable enterprise, hejhej-mats, aims to create a closed-loop, fully sustainable yoga mat. hejhej-mats will find a way to alleviate the excessive exhaustion of resources. This is because already existing resources are processed for the production of hejhej-mats. We think we already have enough resources on the planet and we do not have to take new ones, even if they are natural. Thereby, we are tackling the problem of waste production and resource scarcity of our planet. We make use of a underutilized resource,  give it a continual life, thus preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean and ultimately, contributing to a more sustainable planet. Our product will be recyclable, so all nutrients can be used for new production. Additionally, our yoga mat helps to continue the research of implementing circular designs in new industry sectors. By extending the lifespan of our product, we attain a greater level of sustainable consumption and production. With hejhej-mats, we will ease your conscience during purchase, usage and disposal of your yoga mat.

A circular movement - the closed-loop circle of hejhej-mats

the product

Our hejhej-mats yoga mat will not just be sustainable but functional and simply beautiful. The tessellated optic is a result of the diversity of the waste materials used for the production of hejhej-mats. Owing to the varying characteristics of the material, each mat will also slightly differ in its appearance. Thus, every hejhej-mats yoga mat is unique and one of a kind. 

What remains constant is the functionality of the mat. We tested different compositions of our recycled foam until we have found the perfect cushioning which will give you the highest level of comfort and stability during your practice. As we are passionate about yoga ourselves, we know that mats are all about the slip resistance. At the moment, we are developing an innovative surface for our yoga mats which will provide hejhej-mats with an outstanding grip.  

the founders

We are Sophie and Anna, our common ground is Malmö, Sweden, where we just completed our Master Studies in Leadership for Sustainability. Yoga practice is deeply ingrained in our lifestyle and we believe that it strengthens one’s mind. Finding ourselves in the situation of not having the opportunity to buy a closed-loop yoga mat has sparked our desire to create one. We want to give us, our peers, and the future generation the chance to act sustainably while doing yoga. The development of a sustainable future is our most compelling motivation when making both professional and personal decisions. To contribute to the society and not only focus on economic performance is our goal, as well as the future of the market economy. Sustainability is the heart of hejhej-mats. 

how it started

As both of us were able to further our knowledge on sustainability in Sweden, we had the opportunity to travel around this beautiful country. Swedes are widely associated with pure design and a high level of sustainability in regions further South of Europe. During one of our trips, we visited the Rodasten Konsthall located at the West coast of the country, close to Gothenburg. We were moved by the exhibition of a talented Turkish female artist, Pinar Yolda. With her artwork, she accused yoga practitioners of behaving hypocritically since most of them practise yoga on an unsustainable plastic mat, which will end up in oceans or landfills. Seeing her artwork impacted us deeply. Upon return to our base in Malmö, we immediately started with the conceptualization of the circular hejhej-mat. 

the blog

We are using the hejhej-blog as a tool to share everything about our journey to a more sustainable planet with you. By following the hejhej-blog, you will not only be updated on the progress of creating  the closed-loop hejhej-mat, but also find information about circular economy,  issues around waste production, resource scarcity and other sustainability news that we believe are relevant and worth sharing.



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