What is trauma sensitive yoga? About trauma, yoga, and the autonomic nervous system

This guest article was written by a specially trained trauma sensitive yoga teacher. Loredana Di Filippo offers (trauma)sensitive 1:1 sessions and workshops and works with traumatized people. Her work is based on the understanding of the autonomous nervous system. Das daraus resultierende Wissen ist für alle spannend, die feinfühlig sind, wirklich Veränderung in ihr Leben […] weiterlesen

Biological and technical cycle – Circular Economy

Circular Economy – a quick introduction The circular economy holds the greatest sustainability potential for us. It is an alternative economy to the consumption of finite resources. In the circular economy, resources flow endlessly in cycles. Waste serves as a resource for new products so that no more waste is created on our planet. It […] weiterlesen

Dr. Günther Pfann Foundation x hejhej – Ecological Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We decided to make a product-based donation from the very first product. This means that we donate 1€ of every product to a social/ecological initiative. In this way, we further integrate social and ecological sustainability into our business. With the hejhej-mats we support a social project in […] weiterlesen

Move with your menstrual cycle

Meditation and yoga during your period can support your cycle and connect you more intensely with your body. We talked to various experts about tips and tricks for your period and shared valuable information for you on Instagram for a week. If you missed it, no problem. We have summarised the most important information for […] weiterlesen

A statement on workplaces for people with disabilities

In workplaces for people with disabilities, people who are otherwise not seen in society are working. hejhej cares and wants to stand up for these people. We have been working with workplaces for people with disabilities since the beginning of our start-up. There is a lot of criticism of such workplaces and we are very […] weiterlesen

Yin yoga poses with a bolster

Yin Yoga poses with a bolster stretch your muscles and fasciae deeply and calm your mind. Especially when practicing calmly, the equipment can be a great help in your asanas for you to let go and stretch passively. Yoga bolster, yoga strap, and yoga blocks are the most commonly used ones by yoga practitioners. Especially […] weiterlesen

hejhej’s impact report No. 1: how much waste did we save? how many children did we support in South Africa? and how many trees did we plant?

A sustainability report is not only for big companies but also for small companies to transparently report about its sustainability actions. Yet, we mostly know impact reports from big corporations. They use this report to present itself as the most sustainable company, reporting about all the little things they do. In reality, most of them […] weiterlesen

Silence Retreat – experience of a Vipassana meditation

In the last weeks and months, we have been spending a lot of time on meditation. Especially because we spent a lot of time on the product development of the newly launched hejhej-bolster. It supports your meditation seat and embellishes your meditation experience. Especially now, in such turbulent times, it is so good to pause […] weiterlesen

The sustainable yoga bolster

Right now, in a time of turbulence, confusion, global pain and frost in the morning, you may be striving for a yoga class that grounds you. Which offers you support to manage your everyday life full of strength and peace. That makes you think about the good things in life. To the things, you can […] weiterlesen

Resilience through yoga: the strength you are building within

Helping yourself, easier said than done. So, how does it actually work? Often, we’re hoping for someone else to fix things. People like friends, family, our partner or of course, our pet. Most of the times that is perfectly alright and leaves us feeling supporttet and safe. But right now, in times of a pandemic, […] weiterlesen

A yoga block made out of flip-flops

This yoga block looks like a little piece of art, don’t you think? It actually is a piece of art – it is a handmade yoga block out of flip-flops – flip-flops collected on the coasts of Kenya. We offer these yoga blocks as a special and limited edition. The organisation behind these yoga blocks […] weiterlesen

Yoga for hearing-impaired – Inclusion in the Yoga World

Have you ever been to a yoga class that actively included hearing-impaired people? A question you don’t ask yourself if you’re hearing. But inclusion remains a topic that we would like to deal with further, especially in relation to yoga, which literally means unity in Sanskrit. So is unity between hearing and hearing-impaired people possible? […] weiterlesen

The best yoga hotels to switch off

The main purpose of a holiday is to switch off and completely relax. Sun is definitely a factor on vacation that allows the feeling of relaxation to arrive quicker but also that is not always guaranteed. Luckily there is also yoga and a careful selection of the best yoga hotels following in this article. Yoga […] weiterlesen

Yoga strap made of hemp

A yoga strap can be very helpful for your yoga practice. Not only beginners but also experienced yogis can dive deeper into the practice with the strap. For us, it often depends on the day how we feel during the yoga, so the strap can be used just when we are a little uncertain or […] weiterlesen

The first yoga mat test with sustainability criteria

Yoga mats – hardly any other piece of sports equipment needs to fulfill so many demands and that is why you can find a lot of yoga mat tests and reviews on the world wide web. In the first place, a yoga mat needs to be slip-resistant to give good support during a downward-facing dog. […] weiterlesen

Happy World Down Syndrome Day to all of you!

Today is the 21st of March and it’s World Down Syndrome Day. Today should be about thinking about each other, acting for the community and the individuals. World Down Syndrome Day now exists for 14 years. It was not coincidentally placed on the 21st of March. The number 21 symbolizes the characteristic of Down Syndrome […] weiterlesen

Yoga at home – a guide for a strengthening practice

We rush through our everyday life – both corporate and private. It’s full of appointments and we sometimes just forget to take some time in between for ourselves. Then there are suddenly times, where we are forced to stay home. Yoga is a great way to make the best out of it. A regular Yoga […] weiterlesen

The circular economy: examples from the yoga industry

We recently had the opportunity to talk to the 7th grade of a Montessori school about sustainability and examples of the circular economy. This day gave us incredibly valuable new food for thought because we were able to see the world of sustainability and yoga for a few moments from a child’s perspective. On the […] weiterlesen

The first recycled yoga mat – we all have to change

It has never been more important to think about your own buying decisions. Everyone has power to make a change – every individual consumer, every tiny or huge company, every institution, and all our politics. Our start-up hejhej and the first recycled yoga mat is our contribution.

Being a mum and founder – 5 questions for WOMOM

We did not reach gender equality in professional life yet and women are also underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Being a mum and and a founder: more and more mothers see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to combine family- and work-life.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult for mothers to fully develop their professional lives. Kita places have long […] weiterlesen

The chakras – yoga is more than physical exercises

Chakras are another part of the ancient Indian knowledge about yoga. The word chakra from Sanskrit can be translated as wheel or disc. Chakras are centers of consciousness and life energy in the body, whereby the original teaching describes seven main energy centers. Of course, there are still many tributaries of the life force in your body, but these seven act as nodal points that concentrate and distribute the most.

What is Circular Monday all about?

Wir wollen dir die Strategien der Kreislaufwirtschaft an die Hand geben, um ganzheitliche Entscheidungen zu den materiellen Dingen in deinem Leben zu ermöglichen. That’s why Circular Monday is the Monday before Black Friday. We want to step in before the day of mass consumption to remind you of alternative options and to spread the message reuse, repair, and rent. Let yourself be inspired and discover holistic and exciting new concepts to manufacture, make available, and maintain the lifespan of goods.

Sufficiency strategy – what does it actually mean?

Do I really need this product? This simple question sums up the sufficiency strategy. All other sustainability approaches are solely powerless and need the sufficiency strategy on its side. This is why, we integrated the strategy in our personal as well as in our corporate life. It is a key part of hejhej although it totally goes against the classic economy. We tell people to only buy a new yoga mat if a new one is really needed. We don’t want to promote consumption, we want to make a change.

First closed-loop yoga mat – the hejhej-mat

Why are there so few sustainable companies and products? Why does a closed-loop yoga mat so far not exist? Those were exactly the questions that led us to the decision to make a difference and to develop the first closed-loop yoga mat. In this blog article, we want to explain what the term closed-loop means and why it’s the most sustainable way to produce and consume new products.

Holistic health – you are more than just your body

It is a lingering movement but luckily we are becoming more and more mindful and more aware of our planet. Just as we are more attentive to our environment, we should also consider holistically our own health – and that not only affects the body, but also mind and soul. A holistic approach to health should also pay attention to the ecosystem in which we move: our earth.

The ethical production of a yoga mat

The story of a hejhej-mat – an ethical production of yoga mats. We want to communicate really transparent about how our hejhej-mats are produced. We consciously decided to produce in Germany in order to act as socially and ethically as possible and in order to keep the transportation ways as short as possible.

Who made my yoga mat? – we did that!

As you know, we are usually no huge fans of trends as they normally go together with unnecessary consumption. However, there is always an exception to the rule. One great one is Fashion Revolution. The global movement of fighting for fair working conditions for our garment producers is getting bigger. It gains more awareness on […] weiterlesen

Social sustainability: you buy a yoga mat, we donate one.

We want to use this blog article to inform you about our current social hejhej-special. From the 15th of April till the 15th of May, for every yoga mat bought we will donate one yoga mat to two social initiatives for people with a handicap. Read more about why social sustainability is so important for […] weiterlesen

Sustainable fasting – Our three favorite alternatives

Fasting is about refreshment and reflection. Forgoing for a while the familiar is more than an old tradition. Fasting actually has its roots in religion and should prepare us for the festive easter days. As well as in the old days as today it should be a period about reflection and consciousness. So also if […] weiterlesen

Donate yoga mats – why we donate to the homeless

Who would really need a mat? Especially for homeless people blankets and mats are really helpful. We wanted to extend the product life cycle of some of our mats from the development phase and at the same time support a social initiative. That’s why we decided to donate the yoga mats to a institutions for homeless people. Homelessness is not a topic in our society, we want to give you tips of how to support and interact with homeless people.

Sustainable Valentine’s Day presents – ideas

There are a lot commercial festive days, Valentine’s Day is one example. Especially on these days, it is important to not consume without thinking and to not support unethical companies but to show our economy and everybody out there that you care for sustainability.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for yoga – thoughtful ideas

Yoginis and yogis love meaningful and thoughtful presents. A lot of them are into the topic of sustainability since yoga is not only about mindfulness towards themselves but also about mindfulness towards the planet. We are sharing four of our favorite sustainable gifts for yoga in our recent blog article with you.

A premium yoga mat – connecting mindfulness towards yourself the planet?

In theory mindfulness towards yourself and towards the planet work really well together. BUT: Why do we yogis then practice yoga on a harmful plastic mat? Our sustainable and premium yoga mats enable other yogis to consume mindfully. Mindful consumption questions whether you really need a product since most of the products people buy are not really necessary.

Social yoga can offer support along a therapy

Yoga has beneficial features for your overall wellbeing. Did you know that social yoga can also be supportive for people suffering from mental illnesses? Yoga für alle e.v. is a great NGO that makes yoga available for people who would otherwise not have the chance to participate in yoga.

A circular yoga mat – why you should return it

A circular yoga mat only becomes fully closed-looped if you return it. So one of the most important success factors of the circular economy is the consumer because it is in the consumer’s power to return a product and to make it available for a new production. However, to achieve a sustainable circular product it is essential to be aware of the intention of reaching a more sustainable planet with the circular economy.

Social start-up – our cooperation with a workplace for people with a handicap

hejhej-mats is not only about developing a yoga mat, we are aiming to become an environmental friendly and social start-up. We wanted to cooperate with a social organization for sewing the logos on top of our sustainable yoga mats. This is why we are cooperating with a workplace for people with disabilities. We want to share with you our experiences and reveal to you why this makes us so so happy.

The variety of yoga

Yoga not only offers a variety of yoga styles but also various yoga poses and so many places where you can practice yoga. People are nowadays chasing through their life without resting. Yoga is just about yourself and your practice on your mat – so it is a great way of slowing life down. For us it is certainly part of our daily life and we want to share with you some of our favorite yoga poses, places and styles.

The best yoga mat requires a lot of effort

The product development of hejhej-mats always had the aim to develop the best yoga at the market. Now it is finished and our hejhej-mats will be launched soon. What we experienced is the most expensive sustainability criteria is to solely manufacture a product in Germany, which is why we have to raise our sales price from 119€ to 129€. However, we are happy and proud to offer you a fully sustainable yoga mat made in Germany.

A cool yoga mat through emotions in our corporate life

Emotions are mostly not perceived positively although they are so important both in our personal life as well when starting up a business. We want to show that it is good to be emotional and tell you more about our experiences during the development of our sustainable and cool yoga mat.

A good yoga mat in Germany – what does that mean

Consumerism is part of our daily life and is even growing and growing so that there is a real overconsumption happening on our planet. hejhej-mats is not running its business in order to drive consumerism even more but just because we want to offer a sustainable and good yoga mat in Germany. All of us should ask ourselves the question of “Do you really need this product?” before making a buying decision.

A successful crowdfunding campaign – our key learnings

A successful crowdfunding campaign can also be quite tricky and it requires a lot of work. As our crowdfunding campaign helped us a lot with the further actions of our business, we would like to give you some insights on what we learned from our campaign and share with you our 5 key findings for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

High-quality yoga mat through customer co-creation

People always talk about high-quality yoga mats. But what actually is a high-quality yoga mat and how to design such product? hejhej-mats used an innovative tool called customer co-creation to create their own sustainable and high-quality yoga mat.

Eco-friendly yoga mat – we are more than that

We started hejhej-mats as we were disappointed by the current offer of yoga mats on the market. We did not find a mat, that could fulfill our sustainability expectations. So we started hejhej-mats and developed an eco-friendly yoga mat out of recycled materials which is also closed-loop. However, with one eco-friendly yoga mat, we can not call ourselves a sustainable start-up – but this is what we aim for! Sustainability is a fancy buzz word, but as some of you might already know, it is more…

A closed-loop yoga mat – it’s time for a sustainable yoga mat

Seeking to achieve a sustainable planet that allows future generations to live a lifestyle similar to ours right now, we need to rethink waste as a resource. The current linear “take-make-dispose” approach is reaching the physical limits of the planet. A circular economy, with closed-loop products, such as a closed-loop yoga mat, can be one solution.

Sustainability – our inspiration and motivation

What actually motivates us to put all our time, money and heart into the development of a closed-loop yoga mat? We are driven by the vision of a sustainable future – but there are more factors that motivate us! We want to share our motivation with you in this blog post.