Is 129€ a lot of money when you buy a yoga mat? Why not compare it to your last buying decision

Yes, we do totally agree: 129€ is a lot of money. Both of us were students for quite a long period of time. Now, we are self-employed entrepreneurs who just started their sustainable start-up. Basically, what we try to tell you is that for us 129€ is really a lot of money. BUT we want to make you think about whether it is really a lot of money for a fully sustainable, high-quality yoga mat made in Germany?


Is 129€ a lot of money when you buy a yoga mat? Light and dark hejhej-mat can be seen.
Photo Credits: Christin Schwarzer Photography


So why not think about the last product you bought - how much did it cost? Where and under what circumstances was it produced? Who might payed a higher price for it than you? AND did you really need it?


We want to show you that everyone of us probably already bought some products that we did not really need, that might not be sustainable, that maybe have been produced in Third World countries and on top, that were quite expensive. What price did you pay for your last pair of shoes, how about your last pair of jeans and your newest jacket? Even a tiny tiny piece of textile, like yoga pants, often costs more than 100€.

We want to encourage you to think about the products you buy and consume

Let’s now compare yoga to other types of sports. The great thing about yoga is that you do not need much for your practice. When starting for example mountain biking you need a bike and this will certainly cost you over 1000€. For 129€ you will only get a helmet and will never be able to get a bike. For doing yoga you basically only need a yoga mat. There is nothing else that you really need for starting this sport. Keep this in mind when you buy a yoga mat.


Our goal was to enable people to buy a yoga mat that is 100% sustainable and a 100% made in Germany. With hejhej-mat we have made this come true and with hejhej-mats we try to show that sustainable products made in Germany are valuable, not only for you but from a social perspective. A slightly higher price is totally justified.

Let’s all try to consume consciously and fair!


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