Impact Report No. 3 – Joyful but tough year 2022

Writing the impact report for the year 2022 is particularly difficult for us. The current time holds many challenges and yet many joyful things have happened again at hejhej. In the following, we will once again give you a transparent review of the year, including the sums that have come about through our product-related donations. […] weiterlesen

The best yoga accommodations

We would like to provide you with a collection of the best yoga accommodations. All these selected cottages are equipped with hejhej-mats or further hejhej equipment. So nothing stands in the way of your yoga routine and you can continue to roll out your yoga mat even on vacation. The benefits of yoga are also […] weiterlesen

Sustainable Yoga Retreats with hejhej-mats

Values are a very important thing for us in the company. Decisions, questions and also internal steps are decided by us according to the most important criterion of sustainability. Our remote team also works so well because we all have very similar values. Do you know your values? hejhej partners One of the most beautiful […] weiterlesen

Travel yoga

All of us in the hejhej-team love to travel. Yoga while travelling is just as much a part of it as delicious vegan food. For us, travelling means discovering new places, breaking out of our own comfort zone and everyday life. Questioning things and capturing inspiration. When we travel, there are fewer to-dos on our […] weiterlesen

Journal Article dedicated to Regina and to all other people with a chemo look

We want to dedicate this feed post to Regina, a young and beautiful women we were allowed to meet a few weeks ago. We met Regina through our wonderful photographer Maria Bayer. When scrolling through Maria’s Instagram page, one picture really got our attention. The picture showed a young and so so beautiful woman with […] weiterlesen

The sustainable & right meditation pillow – 6 asanas with the hejhej-pillow

Finally, your real meditation pillow from hejhej. After the hejhej-bolster is very popular, but still many have wished for our closed-loop cushion also in a round, classic meditation pillow shape, this month, November 2022, the time has finally come. We now have a round meditation pillow. Closed-loop and well thought-out down to the smallest detail. […] weiterlesen

Why yoga pillow refills are sustainable

The durability of hejhej products is an essential criterion for us in product development. High-quality materials that are carefully processed lead to the longevity of a product. The longer you use a product, the more sustainable it is. A new product is always more energy-intensive to produce – no matter how sustainable, recycled etc. it […] weiterlesen

Honest talk about our prices – why we have to raise them and how you can still order at our old prices

These current times are just crazy. The whole world speaks about increasing prices, rising energy costs and everything getting more expensive. We deliberately did not speak about it so far. We did not increase our prices so far because we want to offer closed-loop and fully sustainable yoga equipment as affordable as possible. So we […] weiterlesen

Recycling Round No. 1

Recycle your hejhej-mat – 1st recycling round after approx. 4 years Most of the existing yoga mats are not recyclable, so basically, all of them will end up as waste. That’s just crazy! The good news is that our hejhej-mats are different. They are recyclable and our closed-loop business model allows them to also really […] weiterlesen

how it feels to get copied

It’s time to open up. Why we were quiet at first. A chat these last days brought this all up again. We never spoke about it publicly. In the last few days, we reflect on why we never did it. We were afraid. Afraid that a huge company threatens us. hejhej-mats copied?Getting into a legal […] weiterlesen

Why you should use your Yoga Bolster for more than just your yoga practice – Yoga Bolster Usage

You have probably already noticed from our last articles how many different applications hejhej products have. Read here the most beautiful 7 usages with the hejhej-eyepillow. We have also written 7 uses for you with the Yoga Spray. An important development criterion for us is the diversity of our products. Because the more often you […] weiterlesen

too small to compete

We feel frustrated and too small to compete. We have been at this point so many times before. We have always been so frustrated but then decided to swallow it down and just continue. But in the last weeks, we have found ourselves in this exact place again and again and it was just too […] weiterlesen

hejhej’s Impact Report No. 2 – Ecological and Social Impact 2021

Promoting sustainability and creating impact is particularly close to our hearts at hejhej. All areas of the company are geared towards this. On our website, we have added the tab “sustainability” in 2021, where we summarise important points. You will learn more about the team, our most important communication topics, everything about packaging and shipping […] weiterlesen

How essential oils support your yoga practice

Essential oils are wonderfully beneficial during your yoga practice. They can positively influence your well-being. We have deliberately created a 2 in 1 application for our hejhej Yoga Spray – for your yoga mat and your mind. The essential oils we have selected support your yoga practice by giving you peace and focus. The sustainability […] weiterlesen

Yoga during pregnancy

Sabine Gallei is a yoga teacher, knitwear designer/stylist, mother of three young sons and founder of YES YOU ARE ( Sabine teaches open yoga classes, private classes, business yoga, pre- and postnatal yoga as well as workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in various studios in Berlin. All online too, of course. We are very pleased […] weiterlesen

Buy a sustainable yoga mat online – donate a yoga mat to ONE TEAM – Buy one, donate one Vol. 2

Social sustainability is an important part of hejhej for us. With every hejhej-mat sold, we donate to the Earth Child Project in Cape Town. We want to continuously increase our impact on social sustainability. We have already donated some mats to our partner workshops here in Nuremberg. That went down so well and touched us […] weiterlesen

How To Relax Your Shoulders – Shoulder Yoga

In this wonderful guest article, Marta Witecka, yoga teacher, describes how you can finally do something good for your neck and shoulders. Be sure to read the article to the end, because there are some shoulder yoga asanas waiting for you that you can try out at home.Marta has dedicated herself to yoga, strength training, […] weiterlesen

What we love about Online yoga and MovingRoom

Sometimes, there is this one yoga lesson, that we’ll never forget. Maybe because the yoga teacher spoke harmoniously, the room smelled particularly lovely, the music really signed you out, or because the atmosphere made you feel the power of yoga. We really do love those studio classes that leave us feeling touched. But especially during […] weiterlesen

Bolster Yoga – 4 playful asanas

Yoga unites movement and stillness. As there is quietude and excitement within yourself, you’ll find both in your yoga practice, too. In our blog post about yin yoga asanas on the hejhej-bolster we focussed on relaxation and slow movement. This blog post is about 4 playful asanas you can do with your hejhej-bolster, hejhej-strap and […] weiterlesen

What hejhej has in common with an organic farm – circular economy businesses

The circular economy is the most important building block of our company. A way of doing business that we live and thus show what is possible – a circular economy business. Like everything created by humans, the circular economy has its origins in nature. Almost everything runs in cycles. The cycles of life. In the […] weiterlesen

Dr. Günther Pfann Foundation x hejhej – Ecological Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We decided to make a product-based donation from the very first product. This means that we donate 1€ of every product to a social/ecological initiative. In this way, we further integrate social and environmental sustainability into our business. With the hejhej-mats we support a social project in […] weiterlesen

What the biggest hurdle in a circular business has to do with a hejhej-mats discount code

For us, the circular economy holds the greatest sustainability potential in the consumer world. Producers and consumers are equally responsible for ensuring that the cycle is truly closed. We asked ourselves: What incentive can we give so that a hejhej product that has reached the end of its life cycle is actually returned? This is […] weiterlesen

Move with your menstrual cycle

Meditation and yoga during your period can support your cycle and connect you more intensely with your body. We talked to various experts about tips and tricks for your period and shared valuable information for you on Instagram for a week. If you missed it, no problem. We have summarised the most important information for […] weiterlesen

Yoga strap made of hemp

A yoga strap can be very helpful for your yoga practice. Not only beginners but also experienced yogis can dive deeper into the practice with the strap. For us, it often depends on the day how we feel during the yoga, so the strap can be used just when we are a little uncertain or […] weiterlesen