Being a mum and founder – 5 questions for WOMOM

We did not reach gender equality in professional life yet and women are also underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Being a mum and and a founder: more and more mothers see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to combine family- and work-life.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult for mothers to fully develop their professional lives. Kita places have long […] weiterlesen

What does the sufficiency strategy actually mean?

Do I really need this product? This simple question sums up the sufficiency strategy. All other sustainability approaches are solely powerless and need the sufficiency strategy on its side. This is why, we integrated the strategy in our personal as well as in our corporate life. It is a key part of hejhej although it totally goes against the classic economy. We tell people to only buy a new yoga mat if a new one is really needed. We don’t want to promote consumption, we want to make a change.