The best yoga hotels to switch off

The main purpose of a holiday is to switch off and completely relax. Sun is definitely a factor on vacation that allows the feeling of relaxation to arrive quicker but also that is not always guaranteed. Luckily there is also yoga and a careful selection of the best yoga hotels following in this article. Yoga […] weiterlesen

The first yoga mat test with sustainability criteria

Yoga mats – hardly any other piece of sports equipment needs to fulfill so many demands and that is why you can find a lot of yoga mat tests and reviews on the world wide web. In the first place, a yoga mat needs to be slip-resistant to give good support during a downward-facing dog. […] weiterlesen

The circular economy: examples from the yoga industry

We recently had the opportunity to talk to the 7th grade of a Montessori school about sustainability and examples of the circular economy. This day gave us incredibly valuable new food for thought because we were able to see the world of sustainability and yoga for a few moments from a child’s perspective. On the […] weiterlesen

Being a mum and founder – 5 questions for WOMOM

We did not reach gender equality in professional life yet and women are also underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Being a mum and and a founder: more and more mothers see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to combine family- and work-life.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult for mothers to fully develop their professional lives. Kita places have long […] weiterlesen

What is Circular Monday all about?

Wir wollen dir die Strategien der Kreislaufwirtschaft an die Hand geben, um ganzheitliche Entscheidungen zu den materiellen Dingen in deinem Leben zu ermöglichen. That’s why Circular Monday is the Monday before Black Friday. We want to step in before the day of mass consumption to remind you of alternative options and to spread the message reuse, repair, and rent. Let yourself be inspired and discover holistic and exciting new concepts to manufacture, make available, and maintain the lifespan of goods.

Sufficiency strategy – what does it actually mean?

Do I really need this product? This simple question sums up the sufficiency strategy. All other sustainability approaches are solely powerless and need the sufficiency strategy on its side. This is why, we integrated the strategy in our personal as well as in our corporate life. It is a key part of hejhej although it totally goes against the classic economy. We tell people to only buy a new yoga mat if a new one is really needed. We don’t want to promote consumption, we want to make a change.