facts and figures of a hejhej-mat

This way we guarantee a high quality yoga mat: Neutral Smell, perfect cushioning and super slip resistant surface.

production process

To guarantee a high quality yoga mat we tested together with the Fraunhofer Institute and Josephs, we manufacture in Germany and solely use REACH certified factories.

hejhej-return system

  • Use your hejhej-mat as long as possible (normally a yoga mat lasts at least 3 years)
  • Once you want to return your mat, write us a short mail 
  • You will get a free shipping label
  • As soon as your old hejhej-mats has arrived you will also get 15% discount for your next order
  • We will collect the used hejhej-mats until we have an appropriate amount and can recycle them
  • Your used hejhej-mat do not have to end up as waste but can be used as a resource for new products


we are Anna and Sophie, the two co-founders of hejhej-mats.

We have completed our Master Degree in Sustainability Management in Sweden and have a passion for yoga. Our vision is to reduce the amount of waste on the planet and promote a more responsible consumption.

We like resources that flow in endless circles and are motivated to make this planet a livable place for future generations.

Join us on our journey towards closing the loop!

Our hejhej-mats yoga mats and their individual design were nominated for the german federal award ecodesign 2018.
Anna & Sophie - Founders of sustainable start-up hejhej-mats


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